Nadroga beckons home support

Nadroga players in action during one of their Skipper Cup matches. Picture: FT FILE

THE Nadroga Rugby Union urges its fans to move forward despite the loss against Suva in the Skipper Cup final.

Union president Tiko Matawalu said Nadroga would not be demoralised with the defeat but would regroup and gear up for the Farebrother Trophy challenge against Nadi this weekend.

“I urge all Nadroga fans to put the loss aside and rally behind the team towards the Farebrother Trophy challenge on July 6,” Matawalu said.

His comments came after some members of the public allegedly vented their frustration after the loss on social media.

“The players and team management have given their shot at the Skipper Cup 2019, unfortunately the win didn’t come as anticipated. Morale are still high knowing that they have given their best.

“We now have shifted our focus on Farebrother Trophy.

“Nadroga Rugby Union offers our apology on behalf of our fans and followers and hope that we can always forgive and move on. There is more learning for everyone in moving forward.”

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