Nadi taxi operators warned

TAXI operators in Nadi have been warned not to engage in illegal activities.

While speaking at a Nadi Taxi Association stakeholders meeting yesterday, Nadi Police Station officer-in-charge Inspector Mohammed Riyaz said taxi drivers who did not co-operate with the law enforcement would be taken to task.

“Right now we are not getting any co-operation from taxi drivers,” he said.

“When we are carrying out our investigations and we are trying to get assistance from taxi operators, we don’t get any. If we find out that some of you are engaging in illegal activities, you will face the law.”

He said police had taken a few taxi drivers to task because they refused to operate their taxi meters.

“Please turn on your taxi meters. You are operating a service to the general public and you are a public service vehicle that should be servicing the people.

“You cannot do your own thing by charging a fare that is not according to the meter.

“If you have a taxi permit then you should be using the taxi meter.”

Land Transport Authority representative Livai Bolaika said permit holders who had contracted drivers must monitor their employees.

He said LTA officials had come across drivers who handed the vehicle to other unauthorised drivers.

“We are urging permit holders to please monitor their drivers,” he said.

“We have found a lot of drivers have been giving the taxi to another person to drive and this new person does not have the proper licence to drive a public service vehicle.”

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