Nadi flooding issue

NADI Town, Denarau and the Nadi International Airport are situated in the lower and flat planes of the Nadi River basin, making the location prone to flooding, says Minister for Waterways Dr Mahendra Reddy.

Mr Reddy told Parliament last week flooding caused four major cost issues — damage to existing infrastructure, loss of future stream, loss of human life and deployment of existing resources to build infrastructure.

Dr Reddy said the growth of Nadi Town as a tourism hub was supported by the transportation sector through Nadi International Airport and Port Denarau.

“Amongst other issues flooding in parts of Nadi Town and settlements around the Nadi Town area has been a cause of increasing concern,” he said.

“This is because of the severity and impacts of the flooding on the business sector, their households and urban infrastructure including roads which is alleged to have worsened and the return period of these floods appear to be quickened.”

He said the possible causes of flooding could be linked to the location of the town — located closely to the Nadi River.

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