Nadi duo reign in first Suva marathon

RAVNIL Kumar and Avikash Lal of the Jet Runners Club of Nadi were the stars at the Suva Marathon yesterday.

Kumar won the full marathon event while Lal won the half marathon at Albert Park.

The two runners also are the reigning champions of the Olympic Day Fun Run in Suva and Nadi.

Ana Cowley of Lautoka was the top female runner in the full marathon while Angela Mahoney shone in the half marathon.

Military recruits won the team marathon event.

Marathon organiser Chris Daniel said the event was a huge success and they received positive reviews towards it.

“It was really successful and we have over 250 runners while over 500 came to enjoy the event,” he said.

“Athletes from the Jet Runners Club of Nadi were the stars at the event as they almost won everything.

“Overall, the response towards the event was way beyond what we were expecting.

“We would like to thank our sponsors for their support and we thank the volunteer for their hard work and we thank all those came to be part of the Suva Marathon.”

Daniel said they would work towards making next year’s event bigger and better.

“There was very positive and amazing feedback from the people who participated and those who came to watch and they said they were already looking forward to next year’s event.

“So we will do what we can to make next year’s event bigger and better.”

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