Nadi city declaration postponed

THE declaration of Nadi Town to a city has been deferred to early next year.

According to the Minister for Local Government, Parveen Kumar, there were infrastructural issues which needed to be addressed in order for Nadi to be declared a city.

Mr Kumar said infrastructure such as footpaths and streetlights had not been completed thus the decision to defer the declaration.

“The works we expected to be completed will take some time, but the work is progressing well, there are other things needed to be done and they are progressing well, so it is just the actual declaration that has been deferred,” Mr Kumar said.

Mr Kumar added the other requirements had been met, the process for the declaration of a city included expansion of town boundaries, having an objection period and addressing the objection period before it was appealed and gazetted.

“The work is progressing well in terms of declaration, the actual declaration that will take place will be sometime in February next year,” he said.

“But planning is going on, the only reason we have deferred to next year is because we want to see the footpath done in Nadi and all the street lighting.”

Mr Kumar said the Agriculture Ministry was liaising with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in finding a solution to the problem of flood in Nadi.

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