Nadi boxing special

Junior Farzan Ali trains with his son Mohammed Ali in Nadi yesterday. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THE Seaside Boxing Promotions Bula Festival charity program at Prince Charles Park in Nadi tomorrow will be a unique event showcasing local boxing in different categories.

The program will welcome back into the ring former champions and veteran boxers such as Sakaraia Ve, Ilaitia Vaka and Sovita Tabarua.

For the first time there will be kids boxing in the country and two Priscilla bouts to spice up the program ahead of the 10×3 minute main bout between Sebastian ‘Sniper’ Singh and Rakuro Daunivavana.

The kids contest will feature the sons of Abhay Chand and former Fiji welterweight champion the late Zulfikar Joy Ali.

Daunivanana who hails from Buca Bay, Savusavu moved camp to Nadi in the past two weeks in preparation for the biggest bout of his career. On paper, Singh looks firm favourite boasting more experience as a professional and holding an unblemished record in the country. Despite the odds stacked against him, Daunivavana believes he could take the ‘Sniper’ down.

“This is a great opportunity to showcase my talent,” Daunivavana said.

“Sebastian is a great boxer and currently the number one in Fiji. But that does not make me lose hope because I believe in myself that I can take him down.

“It is going to be a good fight and I have been preparing for the past six weeks.”

Daunivavana has five professional fights under his belt with two wins, two draws and a loss.

In comparison, Singh has fought 12 times with ten wins and two losses. Both losses were in Australia.

Apart from training, Daunivavana has also been watching videos of Singh’s past bouts studying his techniques.

“I’m ready for the fight and I have watched his previous fights,” Daunivavana said.

“I know his techniques. He is southpaw and powerful puncher. This is my biggest fight and I hope to give the fans their money’s worth.”

The weigh-in will be held at the Nadi Civic Centre at 2pm today. The program will start at 4.30pm.

Program: 10×3 Sebastian Singh (Suva)-Rakuro Daunivanana (Savusavu); 8×3 Junior Farzan (Nadi)-Jese Ravudi (Naitasiri); 6×3 Rupeni Rasaku (Nadi)-James Tyson Singh (Seaside Boxing Club), Ritesh Gounder (Fighter Fit Club)-Rahul Aron Kumar (Seaside Boxing Club); 4×3 Soropepeli Vuniyayawa (Seaside Boxing Club)-Peceli Dere (Kavika Boxing Club), Robin Hazelman (Lions Boxing Club)-Iosefo Cakaunivalu (Newtown Boxing Club), Sunia Dari (Suva)-Nikesh Prasad (Suva), William Mel (Uptown Boxing Club)-Ronald Singh (Maro); Veteran 3×2 Alam Sharif (Labasa)-Dhanraj Pillay, Mohammed Khalil Payal (Nadi)-Junior Freddy (Nadi), Ilaitia Vaka (Navosa)-Sakaraia Ve (Suva), Sovita Tabarua (Suva)-Wahid Khan (Lautoka), Navin Prasad (Labasa)-Jeet Prasad (Sigatoka); Kids bouts: Mevin Chand(Seaside Boxing Club)-Kavish Rao (Nadi), Junior Abhay Chand (Navosa)-Junior Arun Kumar (Seaside Boxing Club), Junior Joy Ali (Nadi)-Melvin Kumar; Women bouts: Inise Kaunimara (Suva)-Wainikiti Deku (Sigatoka); Exhibition bouts: Nathan Singh (Uptown Boxing Club)-Junior Dhanraj Pillay (Sigatoka), Mohammed Ali (Nadi)-Wilson Sumeet Singh (Sigatoka), Akaash Kumar (Uptown Boxing Club)-Mesheck Chand (Lautoka), Junior Ilaitia Vaka (Navosa)-Rahul Devnis Singh (Ba); Priscilla bouts: Lady Qaqa (Nadi)-Phil Feeling (Lautoka), Temcy Marley (Sigatoka)-Jaylyn Seru (Tavua).
Tickets: $5 children (pavilion), $10 children (centre stage/ringside), $15 adults (pavilion), $20 adults (centre pavilion), $40 adults (ring side).