Nacamaki villagers resist relocation

ABOUT 100 villagers of Nacamaki on Koro Island have refused to be relocated to higher ground despite Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston claiming three rows of houses.

Village headman Salesitino Naqarase said about 100 out of the 2011 villagers had refused to move to higher ground opting to remain close to the beach.

“What you see as a white sandy beach now used to be the foundations of three rows of houses,” Mr Naqarase said.

“In 2015, I had told the villagers that 10 years from now this village will be gone because of the rising sea level and climate change. Little did I know that a year later, Winston took away what I thought was going to be taken away 10 years from now.”

Mr Naqarase said so far some village elders did not agree with the idea of relocation.

“We have some elders who refuse to move because this is their traditional and ancestral ground, thus they do not want to abandon this place. But some other elders have agreed to move.

“There is also the issue of relocation and that is we need to look at proper drainage system, electrification and water supply.”

Meanwhile, out of the 82 houses destroyed by STC Winston, 29 houses have been completely built.

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