Nabuli inspires locals

Eto Nabuli and his daughter Grace Kiara Nabuli at Taveuni yesterday. Picture JONA Konataci

FORMER Wallabies winger Etonia Nabuli said the Radradra 7s tournament would help local players understand that rugby was a career path.

The Boardeux Begles Club player in France said rugby in Fiji had always been played with the mentality of winning and he hoped that local players could see the sport as a career they could to

“Most rugby players in Fiji play rugby for the sake of winning, but there’s more than just winning in rugby. A family can benefit from it. I am sharing this because I experienced this when I started from being a hotel employee.

Now I’ve set plans that I never dreamt of trying to accomplish.

“Rugby is a pathway to success and most of us started from local clubs and developed our knowledge and sacrificed our time and resources to be where we are now.

“I challenge my fellow Fijian brothers on the islands and those from the mainland.

“If you are willing to be a professional rugby player, this is where you start and it comes with challenges, sacrifices and patience but remember to believe
in God and ask Him to fulfill your dreams.”

The Nadroga man was part of the overseas-based players who were invited by Semi Radradra to be part of the tournament.

Nabuli seized the opportunity as a vacation to spend time with his family after the end of the Top 14 rugby season in France.

“I am honoured to be part of this tournament because I want to give back to my country and my families,” said Nabuli.

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