Nabou accident: Wreck left in bush

The truck which was involved in an accident at Nabou, Sigatoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

A NADI couple who were travelling along the Queens Rd on Monday came across wreckage from the Nabou accident in bushes about 1.5km from the scene of the crash.

As news of the death of seventh victim, Sikituru villager and Ratu Navula College student Josevata Saukuru, was released by police yesterday, the couple who spoke to The Fiji Times on the condition of anonymity said they were shocked at the manner in which the wreckage was disposed of.

“It was about 20m from the main road behind some bushes. It drew our attention because the accident was all over the news.

“There was a foul smell too and vegetables were littered all over the dump site.”

The Fiji Times visited the site yesterday and discovered the driver side door of the truck and the rear passenger door of the minibus involved in the accident. The minibus door was covered with blood splatters and a foul stench was emanating from around the wreckage.

Also at the site were mechanical parts and the dashboard of one of the vehicles.

This newspaper sent questions to police seeking clarification about evidence collection and the procedures with vehicles involved in fatal accidents.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said investigations were centred around the cause of the accident.

“The focus is mainly on the engine because the vehicle inspection will be conducted to ascertain whether there was mechanical fault leading to the accident,” she said.

Six young men including a 16-year-old student lost their lives last Saturday as a result of the accident.

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