Nabou accident: Family fulfills student’s wish to visit crash site

The Raiova family lay flowers at the accident site on Nabou, Nadroga, which claimed the lives of six Fijians over the weekend. They hoped to fulfil the wishes of their daughter, Paulini Raiova, 16 who had hoped all along to visit the site and pay respect after having witnessed on social media the wreckage caused by this tragic accident. Picture: REINAL CHAND

PAULINI Raiova had never met Marika Rua, one of the students killed in Saturday’s tragic road accident in Nabou, Nadroga.

Their families do not know each other.

But, after seeing pictures of the accident on social media, the 16-year-old made her family drive her all the way from Narere, in Suva, to the scene of the accident so she could lay flowers there and pay her respects.

Paulini, a sixth former at Ratu Sukuna Memorial High School in Nabua, could not get the images of Marika, 16, a student of Ratu Navula College, out of her mind.

Her mother, Verenaisi Raiova, said Paulini constantly thought about the accident and especially of Marika, as they were the same age.

“Pau will now be at rest as we have fulfilled her wishes to lay flowers at the accident site,” Mrs Raiova said.

“Even though we may not be related, this accident has touched the lives of everyone because young lives were lost.

“We want to do this to show respect to their families who are mourning the loss of their loved ones.”

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