Mystery writings

A CAVE in the Navosa highlands has writings that are believed to be similar to Hebrew.

While no one has any concrete evidence as to who wrote them, villagers believe they were written by their ancestors long before Europeans arrived in Fiji.

Keni Vale, a villager of Nakasayaga in Navosa, claimed that his ancestors used to live in the cave and worshiped God and kept the 10 Commandments there.

There are more than 10 writings inside the cave.

Mr Vale said his ancestors used to live in the cave which is part of their old village site.

According to Pastor Elisha-Rei Jacobs from Central Messianic One Man Ministry from Australia who knows how to read and preach ancient Hebrew writing, the writings were similar to ancient Hebrew alphabets.

“This is so interesting, that those writings in those cave can be identified and seen for the first time in the highlands of Viti Levu,” he said.

“I can identify these writings and it seems to be those of ancient Hebrew writing.”

Mr Jacobs said he was happy that such evidence could link the Jewish people with the Fijian people.

He said he studied the Hebrew language from the Jerusalem University of Hebrew-online academy and graduated in the level A and level B grade.

Elia Nakoro of the Fiji Museum’s archaeology department said they never visited that cave in Navosa.

“Though there are plenty writings like that in other parts of Fiji but we can’t confirm whether it is Hebrew or Greek,” he said.

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