Mystery surrounds death of whales

THE Fisheries Ministry has ruled out excessive heat as a possible cause of death for the six whale calves beached in Bukama, Yasawa, last week.

The ministry’s permanent secretary, Sanaila Laqai, said investigations by a team noted there were no lacerations on the whales either.

“This rules out any possibility of struggle with the nets of large fishing boats,” he said.

Mr Laqai said ultrasonic sounds could have affected the whales.

“Whales can also be disturbed by ultrasonic sounds and could have lost direction.

“One of the whales was dead and as a result the other whales were swimming around it.

“We have to understand that whales are like humans too, in that they mourn when their loved ones die.

“They were converging around the dead whale, nursing it and while doing that they ended up in the shallow waters in the Yasawa Group,” said Mr Laqai.

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