MV Brianna delays scheduled Lau trip; Clearance granted to sail tonight

Sera Makei shows her travel ticket at the Narain Jetty in Suva today. Picture: RAMA

The MV Brianna vessel that was scheduled to travel to Vanuabalavu in Lau last night will leave Suva this afternoon.

The boat is owned by Victoria Marine Limited.

Captain Pita Sadrugu has confirmed that his crew with passengers were ready to travel as scheduled for 8pm last night but had to cancel the trip after the involvement of the Ministry of Transport.

“MSAF had given the clearance yesterday afternoon and we were ready to travel. However, just before our travel, we were stopped and told to get a proper check done by MSAF,” Captain Sadrugu told Fiji Times Online.

The ship captain later this afternoon confirmed that all necessities were completed and the ship will now leave at 5pm.

Meanwhile, Sera Makei, with many others, were stranded at the Narain Jetty at Walu Bay in Suva from last night.

Speaking to Fiji Times Online today, Mrs Makei said they had been asked to wait.

“We arrived at the wharf at around midday yesterday as we wanted to board early. Before 8pm, everyone was on board and we were about to leave when we were told on the boat that the voyage has been delayed by two hours and will now depart at 10pm,” she said.

“At 10pm, we were told that the boat will not travel in the evening and no time was given as to when it will travel.

“We have been waiting since then. There are some of us waiting here at the wharf while the others are still on the boat.

“We have been travelling on this ship for more than five years now and this is the first time to experience something like this. We need to go as I have the Fiji Sixth Year and Eight Years Examinations to supervise from Monday.”

According to Mrs Makei, there were close to 50 passengers on board the vessel.

The vessel transports passengers to islands of Yacata, Cicia, Vanuabalavu and Tuvuca.

Questions sent earlier today to MSAF remain unanswered.

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