Mustafa’s shot falls in finale

MUSTAFA Fall has qualified for the discus throw competition at the 2018 Commonwealth Games at the Carrara Stadium in Gold Coast, Australia yesterday.

He threw 39.68 metres in the qualification round and was placed 7th.

“To be honest, I am not happy with the performance, but I am satisfied with my performance and tomorrow (today) will be another day in the final,” he said after his throw.

“It is a learning experience for me and I am learning from all my throws.

“I have discus) final and I am looking forward to the final and hopefully I will get to do well and win a medal.”

The 23-year-old believed God gave him another chance to throw the discus for Fiji.

“I just got lucky since someone got disqualified and someone did not do well and I got their spot,” he said.

“My personal best is about 50 metres and I threw about 40m so I was also a bit off in the first two throws and my coach told me to do stand throw.

“It is another chance which God gave me to witness the Commonwealth Games. I am willing to do my best and see how I can do.”

Fall has personal best of 50.28m.

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