Musos step up to help as elimination looms

FOR the past six years, Kaila! Star Search co-ordinator Savuto Vakadewavosa has had to come up with new ideas in order to keep the 10-year-old show running.

This year Vakadewavosa, with the help of three other artistes, is once again at it helping to co-ordinate one of the country’s oldest singing competitions that is still running until today.

The team behind the scene are singers Vakadewavosa, Isireli Mainavukea also known as Tua, Viliame Navoka, who uses the stage name VLY, and dancer Jed Taylor.

Apart from co-ordinating the show and ensuring that all operations are as smooth as can be, the four are mentoring the 15 contestants of the show.

“We’re happy to be part of the show that actually grooms budding singers and dancers and prepare them for stage. For us it is important to us because we not only guide these aspiring dancers and singers, we learn from them,” Vakadewavosa said.

“Every year, we have to deal with a lot of artistes with so much potential, but cannot find the right place to showcase their talent to. Kaila! Star Search is the perfect place for this young singers and dancers.”

Vakadewavosa said with the help of renowned singers such as Vude Queen Laisa Vulakoro, Kiti Niumataiwalu, Ilisavani Cava and music maestro Igelese Ete, who at one point were judges of the show, young artistes are able to interact and learn from the judges.

Fifteen contestants will be part of the show on Thursday and because this will be an elimination round, five will be dropped from the competition.

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