Music legends support talents of Raiwai and Raiwaqa

Members of the One2Eight band with Bigwilz performing at the Eds court during the Raiwaqa Music Festival. Picture: ATU RASEA

THE Raiwaqa-Raiwai Art Club’s event kicked off this morning with superb live music from some of the legends in the local music scene at Ed’s Court in Raiwaqa.

Organising committee spokesman Conrad Parker said the event was for the children of Raiwaqa and Raiwai and a platform for them to showcase their artwork and musical talent.

Mr Parker said their aim was to get everyone involved – parents and children – to make the program a success.

Children were dedicated one side of the court to draw their artwork while bands such as One2Eight and legends such as Nezbitt Hazelman played for the parents and everyone who was present at the event.

The concert will carry on until 4pm and then switch support for the Flying Fijians first pool match against Australia at Rugby World Cup with the matches shown on a projector and huge screen.

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