Murder suspect convicted

Marianne Premila Devi (middle) coming out from the High Court in Suva after she was found guilty by the court. Picture: ATU RASEA

HIGH Court judge Justice Salesi Temo today convicted the woman who set her de-facto partner on fire two years ago, at their home in Sakoca, Tacirua of one count of murder.

Marianne Premila Devi was found guilty by Justice Temo who will pass sentence tomorrow.

Devi was charged with one count of murder. The summary of the facts was that on November 17, 2016 Devi had an argument with her now deceased husband Bal Krishna Naidu.

Following the argument, Devi then poured kerosene on Naidu, before setting him alight.

Naidu died a week later after suffering from 80 per cent burns.

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