Munda Police investigate alleged sexual grooming incident

Update: 6:21PM NEW GEORGIA, Solomon Is: POLICE at the Munda Police Station have thanked the action of several women who had the courage and responsibility to report an alleged sexual grooming matter last weekend, which they were now investigating.

Munda Police Station officer-in-command Sergeant Rachel Lilo said they had received the report and wanted to thank those women who were concerned and took the initiative to come forward to Police when they saw that things did not look right.

“As citizens of this country, we should take bold actions to eradicate this kind of behaviour involving our young women and girls,” Sgt Lilo said.

“We are now aware of the report and currently investigating it. I want to call on the general public not to remain silent on this kind of incident, but to come forward to Police and report what you know and may have seen so that proper investigations can be carried out.

“I call on relatives and friends of those young women or girls, as well as members of the public, to come forward with information that may assist Police investigations into the matter.”

The alleged incident happened on March 11.

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