‘Mum you protect me and I will protect you’

Kini. Picture: Sikeli Qounadovu

Kini. Picture: Sikeli Qounadovu

IT was a fine Tuesday morning, but a little after lunch the weather began to change.

At this moment Kini Caginavanua stood up and said “mum you protect me and I will protect you”.

But as strong wind and heavy rain began to batter their small corrugated iron dwelling, the young eight-year-old clung on to his parents for what was going to be the “longest and most scariest hour” of his life. The wind did not last an hour, but it was enough to traumatise the Nabukelevu District School student.

“I asked for them (parents) to protect me as I was scared and was very scared,” said the aspiring pilot.

When The Fiji Times visited his home at Qalira Village in the district of Nabukelevu on the island of Kadavu, the young boy was shuffling through dishes inside the remains of his house, with a portion of the roof blown off.

“I have already kept my school books and my uniform because next week, I am going back to school,” he said with the most beautiful smile.

“It is a scary feeling and even today I am still scared to sleep at night because this is my first experience of a cyclone as such,” said his mother Anaite Rokomoce.

Ms Rokomoce’s left leg was amputated four years ago and her right leg was amputated last year, however, despite the struggles and difficulties, she ensured to provide the best for their only son.

“I won’t let this prevent me from performing my duty, my husband is a full-time farmer and what we have and what we earn is all for our son.

“We will continue to support him in everything he does,” she added.

As of today, young Kini and his parents continue to live with relatives as they slowly rebuild their lives.

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