Mum sees son die

CHRISTINE Margaret wept yesterday as she recalled how she carried her injured son for a distance to seek assistance after he was hit by a truck.

Her son, Petero Sanieli, 5, passed away while being taken to the hospital from Bureni settlement in Waibau, Naitasiri on Tuesday afternoon.

Petero, who was fondly called Pete at his home and in the settlement, was hit by a three-tonne truck in front of their home.

When a team from this newspaper visited the family yesterday, Ms Margaret wept uncontrollably, saying Petero would have had the chance of reaching the hospital on time and being alive if the driver of the truck that hit him stopped after the accident.

Ms Margaret said Tuesday was just another day for her family.

She said it was about 3pm when she saw Petero follow his aunt (father’s sister) to her house, which was across the road from their home. She said they returned home after some time.

“Pete’s aunt then sent him again to her house to tell her husband to come and cut firewood,” she said.

“After Pete left, I went back to do my chores. After a while, I heard a loud sound from the road and same time, I shouted his name as I felt that something had happened to Pete. I then ran to the road.”

Ms Margaret said Petero was thrown about 25 metres away from where the truck hit him.

“I carried my son and ran to my cousin’s place about 200 metres away asking him to take us to the hospital. We had just reached Sawani when my son let out his final breath,” she said.

“I continue to ask God why this happened, why my son had to die this way.”

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirmed the driver of the vehicle was being questioned by police yesterday afternoon.

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