Mum charged with murder to reappear in court

A WOMAN charged with the alleged murder of her newborn was granted bail by High Court judge Justice Salesi Temo yesterday.

Tavanisa Raceva, 39, is charged with one count of murder for allegedly causing the death of her baby boy in 2016.

The mother of six allegedly suffocated her newborn infant by covering his mouth with a cloth until he stopped breathing.

Defence counsel Lice Manulevu said during the pre-trial hearing, the accused admitted she was reckless in causing the death of her baby.

She said the defence stance was that the offence should have been reduced to infanticide.

Justice Temo told Ms Manulevu that she needed to be objective about the case and to see the facts as it was and not to be emotional about it.

State counsel Joleen Fatiaki said prosecution was clear and they would not change the charge. Ms Raceva will reappear in court on July 31.

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