Multi-Interagency Taskforce established to investigate EbayShop scam

Deputy Prime Minister Manoa Kamikamica says a task force has been set up to look into the Ebay Shop scam Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

The Coalition Government has established a Multi-Interagency Taskforce in what it describes a ‘proactive step’ to tackle and safeguard Fijians’ financial security from fraudulent activities.

The taskforce will be chaired by the ministry’s permanent secretary, and will comprise the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC), Consumer Council of Fiji, Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) and Fiji Police Force.

The taskforce set-up is in response to complaints and concerns raised on social media about the scams perpetrated by EbayShop Online Recruitment scheme.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade Manoa Kamikamica said the scheme was a scam and such fraudulent activities must stop immediately.

“We cannot allow the people of Fiji to continue to fall into the trap of these unscrupulous people and face financial turmoil. It is imperative that we learn from this unfortunate incident and work collectively to ensure that similar scams do not take place,” Mr Kamikamica said.

The taskforce’s investigations on EbayShop Online Recruitment scheme are underway “and the alleged masterminds that have been manipulating the public will be taken to task”.

It is understood that all complaints being received by the FCCC and Consumer Council are being referred to police to assist them in investigations.

Business consultant and former Capital Markets Development Authority CEO Mereia Volavola took a swipe at the government ministry calling its ‘proactive’ response a joke when responding to a government statement on social media Facebook.

Ms Volavola said the scheme had been happening for many months “and you were all sleeping on the job”.

“Sitting in air-conditioned office and you don’t care about the vulnerable people. You are acting now and setting up a taskforce for what? You should have all acted ages ago,” she said.

“You all have legislations that empowered you all to stop the scheme and you did not. Useless taskforce. As if issuing press releases will stop the scheme.

“How disappointing and letting the people in this country down, especially the vulnerable people who lost their money. If anything, you should all compensate them because you have failed in your duties.”

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