MSAF supports PSMA agreement

MSAF CEO John Tunidau (right) Picture: FT FILE

THE Maritime Safety  Authority of Fiji (MSAF) fully supports the proposal for the Fijian Government to accede to the agreement on the Port State Measures Arrangement (PSMA) and eliminate illegal unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing.

MSAF chief executive officer, John Tunidau clarified this while presenting submissions to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and  Defence on the review of the agreement  on (PSMA) and eliminate (IUU) fishing earlier today in Suva.

Mr Tunidau recommended that Fiji acceded to the treaty without reservation.

He said current challenges facing national, regional and global initiative included lack of  enforcement on current laws and international agreements to deal with IUU fishing.

“This goes with lack of resources both in terms of assets for patrolling and resources example surveillance boats and trained human resources,” Mr Tunidau said.

He said there was a need to have a level playing field.

“IUU fishing activities thrives where there is weak international  and national fisheries governance. IUU operators move to exploit other loopholes and areas where countries either do not have the will or resources to meet their international obligations,” he said.

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