MSAF committed to enhancing service delivery

THE Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji is committed to proactively provide information so that the public and stakeholders are well informed and to enhance safety of life at sea.

On August 2, MSAF released the Community Awareness Notice detailing MSAF’s Customer Service Charter.

The MSAF CEO Neale Slack said the charter was developed in consultation with the MSAF customers, stakeholders, management and staff and set out the services provided by MSAF, the level of services a customer could expect to receive from MSAF, and the processes MSAF took to address your inquiries and concerns.

“As part of keeping the public and stakeholders well informed, MSAF is commencing a series of publications and media releases regarding the new maritime and marine regulations that shall come into effect in the near future,” Mr Slack said.

“This community awareness notice will provide information on the first three (3) regulations drafted with the input of the public and stakeholders:

* Draft Maritime (Cargo Stowage & Securing) Regulation 2014

* Draft Maritime (Carriage of Specific Cargoes) Regulation 2014; and

* Draft Maritime (Carriage of Dangerous Goods) Regulation 2014.

Mr Slack said the regulation prescribes the requirements for the stowage and securing of all cargoes other than liquid, gas or solid bulk cargoes, grain, timber deck cargoes and livestock.

“It brings into effect the stowage and cargo securing requirements of regulation 5, and highlights that all offshore supply ships that are Fiji ships or are loading cargo at a Fiji port or offshore installation are to comply with the cargo stowage, securing and packaging provisions of the IMO Code of Safe Practice for the Carriage of Cargoes.”

A survey team from the authority will be in the Northern Division for surveys and registrations of vessels that are 10 metres or less in length.

Authority spokesman Solomoni Matthewsella said they would be covering Tavulomo, Bua, Nasoroaqa.

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