Mrs Bola’s loyalty to God

Emele Bola, 75, inside the Coronation Church in Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

THERE is always a place in Emele Bola’s heart for Lautoka’s Coronation Church.

It is not because she has been a part of this church for the past 60 years but because it is a place which allows her to always connect with the Lord when she goes through difficult moments in life.

While age is slowly catching up, the Kaba, Bau lady from Tailevu is not giving up in dedicating her life to the Lord and in visiting this place of worship every week to give thanks to her creator for allowing her to always live a joyful life daily.

Ms Bola’s journey with the Coronation Church began in 1966 when she married her husband Ratu Rusiate Bolabasaga Tokalauvere, a gentleman from Sawaieke in Gau.

When their five children had all grown up, she decided to look for a job that could assist her husband to provide for their family.

The soft-spoken Kaba lady worked as a laundry attendant at the Lautoka Hospital for more than 20 years before she decided to call it a day.

Her husband died a few years after and she was left to shoulder the responsibility of looking after her children.

She did not give up, believing the Lord she had been serving all her life would provide her a good opportunity to look after her children.

She travelled to the United States of America in 1998 and worked there for 10 years.

“Whatever money I earned in the US, I was able to provide full support to my children’s needs and access to higher tertiary education,” Ms Bola said.

“I am so thankful that God allowed me amazing opportunities and it would not have been possible if it wasn’t for my commitment to Him from the day I married my husband.

“All those years spent in the US were fruitful because I worked hard to provide for the children and I have seen the rewards of it today.”

Ms Bola is not even contemplating missing any Sunday service at the Coronation Church.

She says she will continue to do so until her time on earth finishes because it is her God that allows her to toil the hard yards and overcome challenges in this challenging world.

In July, she will celebrate her 75th birthday.

To her, it is not just a time of celebration but a day of thanksgiving and praises to God for all the blessings He has cast upon her family.

Two of her children now live with their families abroad while three of them live in Fiji.

She lives in Lautoka with one of her sons, a doctor at the Lautoka Hospital.

“Know your worth and read the Bible whenever you find time to do so,” she shared.

“If there is no God, your family will always stumble along the way.

“I am not boasting but I’m just sharing this to every Fijian about the importance of always connecting with the Lord as He is the provider of every good thing on this earth.”

Ms Bale has five children, 20 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren that she sometimes spends time with when they travel to Lautoka.

For now, she enjoys spending most of her time with ladies who are also members of the church and enjoys the sunny Lautoka weather.

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