MPs to respond to President’s speech this week

Newly-elected Members of Parliament with the Speaker of Parliament, Dr Jiko Luveni after the first sitting of Parliament. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE 51 Government and Opposition Members of Parliament are expected to deliver their responses to President Jioji Konrote’s opening speech in Parliament this week.

This was confirmed by Speaker of Parliament Dr Jiko Luveni after the swearing in of the MPs in Parliament yesterday.

“My only advise to them (MPs) is to prepare themselves for robust and healthy debates on national issues.

“I’ve seen some good MPs, both from Government and Opposition. This I believe will make Parliament proceedings more interesting. There are very high qualified MPs in the House,” she said.

Dr Luveni said she would ensure that Parliament was managed in a manner that was democratic and provided MPs with the platform to speak freely on issues.

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