MP urges uni to rescind policy

Update: 4:57PM SHADOW Minister for Education Mika Leawere has expressed his gratitude to the University of the South Pacific for the brief reprieve given yesterday with the reactivation of all de-registered students.

The grace period for payment of tuition fees for students is extended to this Thursday, October 27.

In a statement from the Opposition Chambers, Mr Leawere urged the university to consider how unsettling this irrational policy was for students, with this grace period still weighing heavy on the minds of students during study week.

He is pleading with the USP management to reconsider and rescind the de-registration policy in totality, as was the policy in the past.

“While I am grateful to USP for this brief moment of humanity, I continue to be flabbergasted at its antics,” Mr Leawere said.

“I understand completely that the university is not a charity but media reports today highlighting that $19million is outstanding in student debt points to incompetence at the university management level and you cannot take this out on the students at the 11th hour.”

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