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THE Pacific Rim – Uprising blockbuster movie is now showing at Damodar Cinemas and surely scooped up a lot of excitement on Thursday night’s opening for its superb graphic effects and jelling storyline from the first sequel.

Now if you’re a diehard fan of sci-fi movies and action-packed thriller films, Pacific Rim – Uprising brings a different twist, where gigantic robots clash in an epic battle to save the world.

Imagine giants fighting amid city skyscrapers and the film portrays some really unusual mutated beasts.

Actor John Boyega leads the charge against the Kaiju (monsters from another realm). Boyega also starred in hit movies Star Wars 2015 and 2017.

Boyega portrays more of his comedy character if you still remember actor Charlie Day from part one? He is back too along with his science lab buddy played by Burn Gorman.

The two are inseparable but the storyline gives a new twist to friendship. Actress Cailee Spaeny plays a rebellious youngster in her first ever blockbuster movie.

“The graphics was amazing, and all the characters that they previously portrayed were continuous,” said Farhan Ali.

“The storyline was jelling and it didn’t go out of the focus for me,” he said.

Gabriel Chambers said it was an ‘A’ grade movie with amazing effects that is definitely up-to-date with the latest cinematographic technologies.

“I’ve been to movies where I’ve fallen off to sleep but this one was different,” said Mr Chambers.

Damodar group of companies CEO Div Damodar said Pacific Rim – Uprising was one of those different kinds of concept movies. Released last year it was the first sequel that became a phenomena.

“The movie has given a different boost to cinemas,” he said.

“We’re are very proud of products such as the Pacific Rim and similarly to other products coming such as Avengers (Infinity War), Jurassic Park, Bollyhood Bahubali 2 and also a homemade product ‘Adrift’ that will hit cinemas in June this year.”

He said Damodar Cinemas joined hands with Kula Film Awards and were very proud to support and encourage youths to go into film production.

“We hope to see one day a local actor or actress making it big in Hollywood and Bollywood. Damodar Cinemas are very linked and connected with youths and the people of Fiji.

“Pacific Rim ­- Uprising has great effects, great surrounding sound and it’s a movie that will blow you out of your seat.

“It was quite a rush with Village 4 hitting high sales and Suva sales will continue over this weekend most definitely,” he said.

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