Move to fill chiefly titles

ABOUT 60 per cent of traditional chiefly titles are vacant around the country.

Ministry of iTaukei Affairs permanent secretary Nepote Katonitabua has called on the traditional clans and provinces to work with the ministry to appoint traditional leaders.

Mr Katonitabua stressed that the final decision to appoint a chief or traditional clan leader depended on the members.

“In our visit to all the villages, we are also trying to change the mind-set through trainings conducted for the villagers,” Mr Katonitabua said.

“We need to change their mind-set for a prosperous vanua and it is part of our program known as the ‘Na sautu ni vanua, na Viti vinaka’.

“We need to go down to their level to help them realise the potential that surrounds them and turn it into economic gains.”

The program is aimed at empowering the iTaukei communities to lift the standard of their livelihoods and do away with a life of dependency through making good use of their resources.

Mr Katonitabua said the ministry could not give a timeframe for the positions to be filled.

“It is entirely up to the people and the vanua because different provinces and villages have different procedures involved in installing a chief or clan leader,” he said.

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