Mouth guards essential for primary school rugby players: King

Sharan Ram presents his research during the Pacific Islands Health Research symposium at the Fiji National University, College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences (CMNHS) yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

WEARING mouth guards is essential for primary school rugby players to avoid future problems with their dentures, says Fiji National University’s Dr Temalesi King.

While presenting a review of oral health curriculum in primary schools in Fiji at the Pacific island health research symposium in Suva today, Dr King said Fiji was a rugby-loving nation so the tradition was that students would be involved in the sport from an early age.

“It is important that primary school students wear mouth guards during rugby matches to protect their teeth. In most cases, most adults in Fiji have some set of teeth missing at the ages of 40 because of unhealthy eating,” Dr King said.

She added there were 730 primary schools in Fiji so there was a need to incorporate oral health and hygiene programs in the school curriculum.

The symposium ends tomorrow.