MOU paves way for greater co-operation

LTA board chairman Vijay Maharaj, right, and Fiji Revenue and Customs Service CEO Visvanath Das after the signing. Picture: SUPPLIED

A MEMORANDUM of understanding between the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service and Land Transport Authority will enable them to provide controlled access to online systems to assist in the administration and enforcement of their laws.

The MOU was signed yesterday and it is expected to encourage the promotion of mutual co-operation in the areas of information sharing and other related matters.

“As stated in the MOU, both the parties agree that all transfers of motor vehicles and public service vehicle permits registered with LTA must be subject to stamp duty with exceptions in accordance with the requirements in the Stamp Duties Act 1920,” FRCS chief executive officer Visvanath Das said.

“As part of the MOU, both organisations will pursue staff development joint training programs and staff exchange where appropriate and if necessary.

“More importantly, LTA and FRCS will have controlled access to its online system database to assist in the administration and enforcement of their laws and LTA will provide the services required for the members of the FRCS Gold Card Services,” Mr Das said.

LTA board chairman Vijay Maharaj said the MOU was a milestone achievement.

“The MOU strengthens both the organisations that will not only make inter-organisational relationship more coherent but also make individual officers from the respective organisations more approachable and efficient.

“Although, we are two separate organisations with different strategic goals, our national goals are the same,” Mr Maharaj said.

“Additionally, there are certain areas of work within the two organisations which are connected to each other and in some cases dependent on each others decisions.”

A statement from FRCS yesterday said under the MOU, both organisations would implement an effective framework on the collection of stamp duty on transfer of motor vehicles and public service vehicle permits.

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