Motivation pushes Chand to excel

Nikhil Noel Chand. Picture: Jessica Savike

THE motivation to excel in life pushed me to keep going on even when I wanted to give up.

This was the sentiments of Nikhil Noel Chand who graduated from the University of the South Pacific with a Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce on September 21, 2018.

Mr Chand shared how half way through his two year course he felt like he wanted to give up but kept going on.

“The thing about me is if I start something I try and finish it,” said Mr Chand.

The 26-year-old stressed that it was difficult balancing his personal life, work and school at the same time as he would be juggling two to three things at a time.

Mr Chand who works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an Admin Officer said after graduating with a degree from the Fiji National University in 2016 he wanted to upgrade his knowledge and skills in his field.

He adds that currently he is pursuing his Master’s in Commerce and he would like to take up a leadership role in his organization.

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