Motivating our children

TODAY 7448 students will be sitting for the Fiji Year 13 Certificate Examination in 161 centres around the country.

Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy has again urged students who would be sitting for the exam in cyclone ravaged areas to do their best and be living proof that they are “stronger than Winston”.

Calling on parents and other stakeholders to safeguard the interests of their children, he said it was important that we pay the highest level of attention to our children’s needs during the external examination period.

This, he said, is when they needed a lot of support from parents and guardians.

Once again, he urged parents to ensure children are equipped with stationery and resources for exams.

His message was similar to that delivered for the 15,014 students around the country who sat for the Year 10 examination, which began last week.

We share his view that there would be issues which could affect our children in the lead-up to and during exams. As he pointed out, those that use the problems as motivation are among those who have a good chance of succeeding.

Again, we say children should be reminded that irrespective of their achievement in this exam, there are always opportunities to secure a better future for themselves.

While there is a line of thought that suggests that children’s education opportunities are shaped long before they enter primary school, it goes without saying that parents and guardians must ensure they are motivated to continue on through school.

Linguistic, cognitive and social skills developed through early childhood care and education are foundations for expanded life chances, and for lifelong learning.

As parents and guardians we must accept that the challenge is to get our young charges through the education system.

It is important that we play our roles to set the base for this process. We are into the business end of the school year.

We reiterate that this term is about setting priorities.

It is in their best interest that students give this term their best effort.

This is when they can set the platform for their future.

This is also where we come in as parents and guardians.

Our role here, if every other little factor to aid in their learning has been met, will be to help them through the final hurdle. This is when we provide motivation, boost their confidence, and ease their stress levels. It starts with ensuring everything that needs to be done by us, is taken care of.

Let us remind our children about setting goals and working towards them. Let us be supportive.

For the students, take time to read your questions properly before doing anything else on exam day.

To every student who is either sitting for an exam paper, has already completed exams and who is preparing to sit for their papers over the next few days, we wish you all the best.

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