Mosquito-borne diseases awareness begins

OFFICIALS from the Lautoka District Rural Authority have started visiting various rural settlements to spread awareness of mosquito-borne diseases.

Authority chairman Faiaaz Ali said a bulk of diseases such as dengue materialised from rural areas.

“That is why we have decided to disseminate information on such diseases and we will be focusing on Zika as well,” he said.

“We are going area by area and this special awareness program will be to inform people about the different symptoms of such diseases and how to curb them.”

Mr Ali also said a key part of their outreach program was to encourage more people to conduct clean-up campaigns.

“We want people to pay close attention and heed the warnings because these diseases are dangerous.

“We need to take the initiative to curb the spread of such diseases.”

The group will hold a meeting at Tore settlement in Lautoka today.

As many as 13 Zika and 131 dengue cases have been recorded in Fiji this year.

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