More to study in local institutions

OFFICIALS from the Gulf Province in Papua New Guinea wants more students from the region to pursue higher education studies in Fiji.

Province governor Havila Kavo said there were already a number of students from PNG studying in Fiji.

“We might find that many of our students want to come and study in Fiji,” he said.

“We have a number of Papua New Guineans here but we want to get more students from the Gulf Province here and we will have to put them in schools in the Ba Province because that’s where our partnership is.”

He said they would also liaise with the University of the South Pacific and the Fiji National University for this purpose.

Meanwhile, Ba Provincial Holdings Company Ltd CEO Isimeli Bose said the partnership could also allow people to seek employment in the Gulf Province.

“The Ba Province can thus be a point of contact for this now that Ba Provincial Holdings is a licensed employment agency,” he said.

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