More time to sign

A TOTAL of 4110 election officials are yet to sign their contracts.

The Fijian Elections Office (FEO) has extended the contract signing deadline for election officials who are yet to sign their contract to April 7.

Acting director strategic development and communications, Edwin Nand said FEO had printed contracts and had distributed them to the respective divisional offices for signing by the applicants.

He said a total of 1300 election officials have signed their contract in the Central Division, 638 in the Western Division, 1059 in the Northern Division and 291 in the Eastern Division.

Mr Nand said a total of 1435 polling venues need to be staffed in preparation for the upcoming election and applicants who had been notified via text message of their assigned venue of contract signing need to sign their contract before April 7.

He also stated that 2874 election officials had not signed their contracts in the Central Division, 714 in the Western Division, 452 in the Northern Division and 70 in the Eastern Division.

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