More than 30,000 at COP23

Update: 12:00PM AS COP23 draws to a close with the final day of negotiations taking place today (Friday), the United Nations said more than 34,000 may have passed through Bonn, Germany.

Climate Change, formerly known as UNFCCC, said they would this weekend confirm
the actual number of people who did pick up entry badges for what has already
been acknowledged as the largest Conference of the Parties ever.

Nuttal, the UN Climate Change spokesperson said the German Federal Government
large number of that were civil society people who were mostly in the Bonn Zone
the climate action area of COP23.

COPS used to be small affairs, it used to be just Governments negotiating
things and now they’ve become these cultural events, they’ve become more and
more NGOs,” Mr Nuttal said.

reason there are so many NGOs here is because the German government who actually
paid quite a lot to run this event decided they wanted to get more civil
society in.”

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