More than 300 admitted every year due to stroke

Stroke survivor Mereia Siganasucu during the world stroke day celebration at CWM Hospital today. Picture: RAMA

THERE are 350 to 380 people admitted in the Colonial War Memorial Hospital every year due to stroke.

This was revealed by CWM consultant physician Shrish Acharya during the World Stroke Day at the CWM Hospital this morning.

Dr Acharya who has been in the field of looking after stroke patients for the last 20 years said over the last three years the mortality of patients admitted with stroke and the number of people dying due to stroke has come down.

He said their aim is to get a stroke person fit and ready so they can go back into their communities.

When asked what some challenges he faced in his line of work, he said though people are aware of stroke and have the knowledge of it and how it can be prevented they still do not practice it.

Dr Acharya said the major cause of stroke is high blood pressure.

He said other factors that lead to stroke are diabetes, rheumatic heart disease, smoking, obesity, high salt and high cholesterol levels.

The theme for World Stroke Day is ‘up again after stroke’.