More nurses needed

A TOTAL of 230 nursing positions have been filled as of January this year while an additional 251 positions are vacant.

Health Minister Rosy Akbar revealed this while addressing nurses at the Nursing Supervisors and Management Symposium at Studio 6 in Suva on Friday.

She said they hoped to have vacancies filled by January next year.

“The HR unit is working hard to ensure that these positions are filled. These are some of the solutions that we are looking at to better our service deliveries,” Ms Akbar said.

More than 50 nurses from around the country were part of the symposium.

It was also an opportune time for Ms Akbar to relay to senior nurses her plans for the ministry during her tenure as their minister.

The minister urged nursing supervisors to ensure patients were not categorised according to their racial backgrounds and colour at hospitals and health centres.

“We have come together as part of this ministry to serve the people of Fiji. There is no category of people in Fiji,” Ms Akbar said.

“We have people with different ideas, backgrounds, cultures and traditions but one of the things we need to remember is we have to serve everybody.

“Everyone that comes to our hospitals, nursing stations and health centres need to be treated equally and that is important. You are chosen to be here.

“If you think you have inherited this because your parents were nurses and doctors, I think you are in the wrong field.

“Nothing should influence you to become a nurse, doctor, medical practitioner or just being part of this ministry.

“It should be a desire from within.”

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