More North Bougainvilleans register in Lae

Provincial election manager Simon Soheke. Picture: THE NATIONAL

LAE, 03 JULY 2019 (THE NATIONAL) – North Bougainvilleans are leading the registration in Lae for the Bougainville Referendum since registration started two weeks ago at the Lae electoral commission office.

Registration is still continuing with a total of 1,429 non-residential Bougainvilleans registered.

The 1,429 registrations were from the first to the 13th day of registration which was on Sunday.

Morobe election manager Simon Soheke said, of the total number of non-residential Bougainvilleans who had registered since Sunday, 269 were from Central Bougainville, 606 from North Bougainville and 554 from South Bougainville.

He said many who were yet to register were living in outside districts of Morobe and were yet to come and register for the referendum and the best time to get many to register was during the Bougainville Day celebrations in Lae which would be on 13 July.

“I asked if we can move the registration date in Lae to 13 July 13 which is the Bougainville Day celebrations.

“This will be a good time to collect more names,” Soheke said.

He said registration forms were also running out and he had spoken with the assistant returning officer for non-residential Bougainvilleans’ registrations to be provided with additional forms.

Soheke added that more awareness was needed to be done.

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