More jobs at new complex

THE multi-million dollar Galaxy Apartments and Hotels which will include supermarkets had its pre-opening ceremony in Labasa last Friday night.

Owner Rohinil Chand said the new complex contained 44 hotel and apartment rooms with a big supermarket and eight shops.

Mr Chand said the project was expected to create employment for more than 100 members of the public in the town of Labasa.

“This is just a pre -opening ceremony for the work that’s been done and we have invited all our close family and friends and business people here in Labasa to come out and have a spiritual gathering with us as a thanksgiving ceremony for our god and to seek for his blessings in years to come,” he said.

Mr Chand said their main aim was to create jobs for youths and for the people of Labasa.

“This is another way I can give back to my community as I am born and bred here,” he said.

“I have always had that feeling of wanting to see Labasa Town grow and for that I have decided to contribute on it as well.”

Mr Chand said with their hotel and apartment they had self-contained units with materials imported right from China.

“All rooms and apartments are located on the second and third floors of the complex,” he said.

“There will be supermarket and shops which will be situated on the first floor of the building, fully airconditioned with overseas standard facilities.”

The building is expected to have its official opening next month.

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