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HEALTH Minister Rosy Akbar said the ministry expected an increase in communicable diseases especially waterborne diseases in the Western Division.

The minister was in her home town of Ba, which was one of the four townships in the Western Division that was badly affected by the floods.

Ms Akbar said, in her 45 years of living in Ba, this flood was the worst of its kind to hit the town.

She said as of Monday night all the health facilities in the Western Division were given stocks of emergency kits.

“Our health facilities are all in operation and as of last night (Monday) we had just stocked up all facilities with emergency supplies, so we are up and running. I’m here in Ba but we will be visiting Nadi and Rakiraki too after this,” Ms Akbar said.

“I do understand that there wasn’t much we can do to avoid the damage, but in terms of health we would like people to be very careful when they are clearing mud and debris. I would also like to remind people not to eat anything that has been destroyed by floodwaters,” she said.

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