More free milk

I NOTE from Page 3 of Tuesday’s issue that the Education Ministry is considering to extend its free milk initiative to preschools, secondary schools and other classes in primary schools.

When this happens, “our” Government is to be commended.

However, I ask, what is the rationale behind such an initiative? Is the majority of our schoolchildren really undernourished and a free packet of milk and maybe a stick of cereal would solve that nationwide problem? It’s taken that for a child that hasn’t had a healthy breakfast or none at all, the free milk would go a long way in providing some needed nutrients for that morning.

But, is the situation so widespread in Fiji that the Government needs to intervene? What of the parental responsibilities that come with the turf of parenthood? Is the Government, in giving out all these “freebies” contributing to parents and guardians shirking their responsibilities to provide for the livelihood of their children? Is the Government contributing to creating a society which survives on a “dependency syndrome” and what may be described as a kawa tamata gogo?

Heaven forbid, but dare I ask, is there an underlying form of social engineering here that is trying to create a people which would remain disenfranchised into believing that they have not and cannot be empowered to do things for themselves?

On another note, there could be an increase in deliveries in our maternity wards.

When the Government chooses to carry the parental responsibilities of the masses, we may end up with a country full of weak men but with a hobby similar to that of an Omanese friend, a hobby of making babies!

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