More female graduates in 2016, a first for FNU

Viam Pillay(left) during break between sessions at the Parliament complex. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

MORE than 1629 female graduates from the Fiji National University (FNU) in 2016 outnumbered the 1604 males who graduated in the same year.

This was labelled as a first in the university’s history during discussions in Parliament on the Fiji National University 2016 annual report.

Standing Committee on Social Affairs chairman Viam Pillay said the university was committed to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, transparency, corporate governance and professional standards.

“Taking into consideration the gender composition in staff from different disciplines, the committee noted the FNU’s administration staff but pre-dominantly in favour of women while the academic staff remained male-dominated,” he said.

“The university continued to enhance and strengthen its organisational and management structure through fostering coherence and co-operation across the university in its teachings, research and services and promotes efficient and effective deployment of resources across its campuses and centres.”

He said in 2016, FNU also strengthened the quality of its learning and teaching and enhanced the impact of its research.

“During the same year, FNU undertook a major academic portfolio review designed to assess the academic quality of its programs.

“Nevertheless, FNU continues to put the students at the heart of the university and 2016 has seen great strides in correcting the university to its key stakeholders.

“The committee was pleased to note that FNU had made great strides since 2016 to improve on their infrastructure, programs, research and overall service delivery.”

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