More development

MORE development needs to be done in Savusavu, says coach Bal Sanju Reddy who brought his team for the Vodafone Fiji Primary Schools Football Championship.

The side did not qualify for the knockout stages at the Ratu Cakobau Park in Nausori.

“More work needs to be put in by the people concerned to develop soccer in Savusavu as most of the players who played in the competition had not gone through the development program,” Reddy said.

“We have a lot of capabilities and talents in Savusavu.

“There are four players in the Savusavu team who came to play in the IDC for the first time. The players had been playing rugby and now they started playing football. They are very eager to play football.”

Reddy, who coached Labasa previously, said teachers also needed to be trained especially those who had no or very little knowledge of football.

“I think there are talents and just because players are staying far away and there is no one to coach them is a major drawback for those players. I have seen the players who have height and weight who play rugby,” he added.

“We did not have any sponsorship as we just did our own fundraising and brought the team to Nausori.

“We need to get more schools involved so we build soccer interest in the children.”

The Fiji Football Association technical director Ravinesh Kumar said they had plans to see more development in Savusavu.

“We are slowly moving into the education system where we will make curriculum for the primary schools and grassroots development. From there we will also bring primary schools and secondary school teachers to do the coaching course,” he revealed.

“At the moment we have a development centre at the Kamendra Central Primary School. We will try to use Bal Sanju Reddy to develop more players from early next year in the Cakaudrove Province.

“In the primary schools competition most of the players playing have come from our development centres. These are the elite players who have been playing for their schools and formed the district teams. They have gone up a level from participating level to performance level playing for their districts.”

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