Morality offences rise

OFFENCES against public moralities have increased nearly threefold in the North in May this year, compared with the same period last year.

Northern community policing officer Inspector Vidya Pillay told youths in a recent conference held in Labasa that they received 11 cases last month compared with four cases for the same period last year.

Insp Pillay said offences against public morality included, rape, sexual offences and annoying a person.

“This is worrying considering that these cases are being committed by young people, including youths,” he said.

“For Fiji, this should not be the case because we are still a very communal people where everyone looks after another.

“Even theft and burglary is on the rise despite the availability of free land for people to earn revenue from,” he said.

“It is time that we wake from our slumber and guard our properties and our loved ones even the vulnerable in our communities.”

Insp Pillay called on youths to make a stand and keep a lookout for the vulnerable in their communities.

“As responsible youth leaders in your communities, you have a duty to ensure that women and children are safe,” he said.

“I encourage youths to stand up and make the changes in their communities and this will only be possible if we address crimes as we see them being committed before.”