Moral decay

The truck which was involved in an accident at Nabou, Sigatoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THE lack of morality in some Fijians displaying explicit images on social media is a growing worry, says a psychologist at the University of the South Pacific.

Professor Ofa Swann made these comments after the recent accident in Nabou, Nadroga, where seven Fijian lives were claimed.

“It was just disrespectful and terrible, that’s psychological abuse,” she said. Prof Swann said this also showed the lack of human dignity showcased through the alleged stealing of possessions and taking of photographs from the accident in Nabou last weekend.

“You will generally find that these people have no boundaries, they lack respect not only for themselves but for other men and women’s dignity. This is an abuse to your dignity, of those people who are involved in the crash.”

Prof Swann also said those using social media should be mindful of what they do or post on social media.

“We need to actually look at those people who are doing those postings and ask them the question if they would like the same behaviour done to them.”

Prof Swann said the impact was traumatic for everybody involved and the psychological health of the public, different people would be dismantling this horrific scene and situation in different ways. Prof Swann said posting explicit images and videos was disrespectful and terrible.

“People are posting all of this ‘dirty laundry’ and I think this is because they have nowhere to go and talk to people and these services are available, but they cost and they think that they can put this on social media,” she said.

Meanwhile, Prof Swann is urging those affected to seek guidance and counselling from professionals.

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