Moore raises concern on ‘bad driver behaviour’

Roadworks along the Suva-Nausori corridor last year. Picture: File

INCIDENTS constantly happen on roads due to bad driver behaviour.

Fiji Roads Authority chief executive officer Jonathan Moore stressed this during a press conference, saying drivers fail to adhere to speed limits when going through work sites.

“I have got thousands of people working on the road at any one time and drivers need to respect the fact that these guys are working on the road on their behalf and not go through work sites at 50, 60 or 80 kilometres per hour if there is a speed limit of 30,” said Mr Moore.

He adds that the reason they have speed limits was because people are on the road working.

“Drivers need to respect that and not put my guys in danger. If we get more and more incidents where drivers are speeding through road works, we will stop everybody and have stop and go boards everywhere with speed bumps,” said Mr Moore.

He highlighted an incident earlier his year along the Kings Road, where FRA workers were working at night to avoid congestion in the day for the public, a driver came down Kings Road, ignored all the signs.

He said the driver went through multiple cones and barriers and ended up being 10ft away from four guys on the road who were working.

Mr Moore said behaviour like this was unacceptable and if it continued, then they will put controls such as speed bumps which will cause more delays.

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