MoH to ensure drug stocks readily available

MINISTER for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar says health officials will visit health facilities to ensure that meningococcal C vaccines are available.

“We will visit our facilities to see that our stocks are in order,” she said at the Navesau Adventist High School in Tailevu yesterday.

Ms Akbar said these health facility were lucky enough to not have been affected by the recent floods in the Western Division.

“We are going to go around checking our health facilities. Obviously none of the facilities have been impacted by the flood in the Western Division.”

Meanwhile, a team from the Ministry of Health is stationed at the Navesau Adventist High School vaccinating students with quadrivalent ACWY conjugate vaccine (menactra). The vaccination program is part of the ministry’s $10 million allocation towards combatting the spread of men-C in Fiji.

Ms Akbar also advised the public to be aware of the current environment the country was in, especially for those in the Western Division.

“We would like to advise the public to be very aware of the consequences of the current environment because it is going to take some time for things to return to normal,” she said.

The World Health Organization, which has been working with the ministry to combat the men-C outbreak, had said a comprehensive approach to the public health management of the outbreak was needed in the country.

“Through the Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services national meningococcal taskforce, the WHO has provided this technical advice on the public health response to this outbreak, including advice on the use of vaccines.”

Alongside other development partners, WHO said it continued to provide technical advice to the Government in its decisions on how best to manage and respond to the outbreak.

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