MOG co-chairs here as individuals and not representing their countries

The Co chairs of the Multinational Observer Group, from left to right--Mrs Jane Prentice, Mr Mukesh Chandra Sahu and Mr Wajid Fauzi.licture: SUPPLIED

THE Multinational Observer Group co-chairs said they were here as individuals and not representing their countries.

MOG co-chair Jane Prentice made this comment while responding to a question by an overseas media about the impartiality of such groups and the trust of the people of their countries in terms of the decision they would make.

“We are here as individuals because of our expertise or our background, or our knowledge about the electoral process or our interest in this area,” Ms Prentice said.

“We are not here representing our countries so we will be making any recommendation without any fear of our countries views are or their policies views are.

“Indeed we have interesting discussions because our countries have different views as well. So we discussed that when it comes to election processes and election laws, so that will all form a robust report at the end of the day,” she added.

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